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CoSourcing A/R to Bridge Gaps in Inefficiencies!

| Let’s face it, Every healthcare facility needs to pay diligent attention to accounts receivables.

More often than not, healthcare facilities do not aggressively address outstanding accounts receivables and do not understand the importance of addressing denials immediately and clean-up theses problematic billing practices. Like every task that turns into a huge concern once it is left unattended, accounts receivables backlogs can also add up and transition into a huge financial crisis for most facilities.

There are some ways with which many facilities can try to correct and clean up these backlogs by themselves, however, it is imperative to note that a do-it-yourself approach does not always yield optimum results and will sometimes only increase operational cost. Aging accounts receivables become more difficult to collect if not pursued in a timely manner, which in turn would require more time and resources for healthcare facilities.

A shortage or inefficiencies of resources in staff over time will result in accounts being written-off for timely filing and appeals being denied for the same. To avoid such a mishap, it is important to understand the need for appropriate management, as the impending issues with claims denials will not go away on its own. Healthcare facilities already have a number of tasks at hand and to fully understanding these processes can give anyone a tough time.

CoSourcing denial management and accounts receivables management processes to a team that thoroughly understand the various payors will slightly increase your overhead but will place more revenue back into the healthcare facility at a fraction of the cost of repeatedly hiring “qualified” staff over and over. Having comprehensive knowledge about all the elements that affect your accounts receivables will help in determining the best possible solutions.

| When CoSourcing, in-house staff will have ample time to focus on clinical care and growth, as the CoSourcing team work diligently to clean up your problematic denials and aged accounts receivables.

CoSourcing, facilities benefit from catching recurring problematic trends by getting weekly and monthly analysis and reviews regarding outstanding accounts receivable and corrective actions taken. CoSourcing can ensure accounts receivables management processes are handle by experienced professionals. CoSourcing is optimum solutions that will lead your healthcare facility to financial stability, optimized efficiency, and guaranteed success.

As continued monitoring is the only way to ensure proper order of accounts, it will become a necessity to implement a plan of action for denial management to avoid loss revenue. With so many changes and so many opportunities in Care Management Services, CoSourcing has never been such an easy decision for most facilities to begin. We are here to assist!

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