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RMS CoSource

by: Receivable Management Solutions, LLC

Accelerating Healthcare Solutions

Our Solutions proactively address requirements needed in Prevention & Wellness, TeleMedicine, Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Revenue Cycle Management and Healthcare IT Development.


We believe in targeted solutions to assist practices and facilities stand financially secure and continuously serve their communities with quality and immediate healthcare needs.

Collaborations & Solutions

CoSourcing assist in finding the balance between in-sourced and outsourced support and combining them in a way that will fit the client needs and the circumstances their business may be currently facing.

Our CoSourcing solutions assist in creating solutions for healthcare entities in multiple specialties. Our focus is the development of creative agile plans that fit client needs.

We collaborate and form workgroups to support and sustain various business functions for our clients. Our workgroups work remotely and/or within client site to create sustainable solutions that offer the best outcome across all areas within their business model.

Our team of technocrats create, customize, manage, and integrate solutions to fit multiple sized operations in healthcare.

Start Building Your Solutions Today!

If your practice, facility, or medical billing company can use assistance in understanding and implementing solutions and could benefit from more convenient access to today's best practices and cost efficient technology, connect with our noninvasive solutions.

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