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Revenue Cycle Management

As value-based services continue to thrive in the healthcare department, the need for caregivers to indulge in revenue cycle management also keeps growing. Our Revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions consist of managing claims, processing payments, denial management, accounts receivables reconciling and improving revenue.

Analysing Data

With our RCM solutions, you do not have to worry about the resubmissions or revision of claims for errors made by the staff. Our reports also allow administration and staff to keep up to date on revenue cycle processes allowing more deliberate decision making for where there is room for improvement.

Our RCM solutions consist of must-have innovations for all healthcare providers who are striving to increase efficiency and embrace an analytical mindset. 

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Along with bridging the ever-growing gap between the clinical and business sides of healthcare, our RCM solutions helps healthcare providers in the management and preservation of patients’ billing records, by diligently performing its duties which were once carried out manually. Moreover, our solutions also helps in reducing the time it takes to receive a payment as it fully amalgamates with other IT systems billing systems and the feasibility of electronic health records to assist in capturing denials.

RCM CoSourcing consist of:

  • Verification of Eligibility & Benefits

  • Medical Coding & Medical Billing

  • Payment Posting

  • Accounts Receivables Management

  • Backlog Claims Clean-Up

  • Credentialing & Contracting

  • Analysis Reports

  • Fee Schedule Research

  • Healthcare Information Technology Development

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