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We know in order to meet the needs of the modern care manager in today’s value-based care environment, healthcare organizations must leverage next-generation solutions.



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With access to more resources  in personnel and technology it’s easier for facilities, organizations, and care managers to close potential gaps in care, take immediate action, and provide targeted interventions and resources to the right patients at the right time.

CoSourcing creates better collaborations with providers, care managers, and administrative staff to make better clinical and financial decisions. Our solutions are designed to support providers and care managers, rather than hinder them. With our intuitively designed workflows, providers, and care managers are able to spend less time on checking off the task at hand and more time on strategic initiatives like closing gaps in care.

Our CoSourcing models combines the advantages of having services outsourced and still having the full control of the results. We will provide all the business support from assets, facilities, staffing and employment management, to shared support services. We handle these tedious tasks, while you maintain control of the remote teams' output and monitor KPIs.

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We thoroughly understand processes involved in proper claims management from initial billing to aging accounts receivables... 

Non-invasive: Standalone data reporting systems that will incorporate the best solutions irrespective of the software program our clients use for billing. 
Huge Impact: Competitive rates coupled with proven performance consistently provides clients with a significant boost in their annual net income. 
Comprehensive approach: Promoting excellence at every phase of the revenue cycle management process. 
Best Fit: Structured to deliver big business management and technology with small business agility. 
Reporting to you: Focus is on delivering results for you. 

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