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RMS, LLC team of  technocrats develop innovative applications for medical organizations to accelerate revenue cycle opportunities. We monitor the concerns of medical practices throughout every step of reimbursement and implementation.

We are always anticipating the next move in healthcare, both in policy changes and technology. Our solutions allow healthcare professionals to focus more on providing quality medical care and less on technology and compliance.

We provide information, analytic tools, benchmarks, research and services to a variety of healthcare institutions, inclusive of hospitals, government agencies, payers, clinicians, and medical device companies.

We are leaders in healthcare solutions and emphasize traditional values of trust, excellent service and quality. Accelerate your processes with us today.

Business Presentation

Tried and tested process workflow for practices and facilities.

Our solutions implementation assist in structuring plans that are tailored to each patient and organization needs. Our programs:

  • Address gaps in care

  • Provide greater visibility into patient risk

  • Monitor risk of loss revenue

  • Identify opportunities in value added services

  • Assist in bridging technology


Our focus is to meet our professional’s goals of facilitating high-quality, patient-centered care while efficiently managing care management solutions and controlling costs for the organization.

CoSourcing Advantages

  • Improves operational efficiencies and reduces unnecessary cost.

  • Draws on the experience of experts to identify and prioritize support.

  • Upscale or downscale support as required in response to internal or external changes.

  • Removes distractions you organization core functions and allows focus of core services.

  • Enables your organization to manage activities via a dedicated remote team that will ensure compliance and mirror your company’s best practices and goals.

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