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Chronic Care Management Services

Patients require and deserve more effective practices in the treatment of their chronic medical conditions, and providers are responding. Implementing Care Management Solutions is a key to success in many practices.

The education and oversight activities performed by healthcare professionals for helping patients with chronic diseases and health issues are referred to as chronic care management. The purpose of these services is to help them in understanding their condition and learning to live with them. Some of these chronic conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, and lupus.

Patients and providers connect

Chronic Care Management (CCM) involves giving motivation to the patients to persist in essential therapies and interventions so they can achieve a reasonable quality of life.

It is one of the most important additions to any practice because it increases the quality of care provided to patients dealing with multiple chronic conditions. It also brings a new patient base and stream of revenue for a medical practice. The three prominent benefits of CCM services are:

Prescription Assistance

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses may not necessarily be compliant with their medication.

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses may not necessarily be compliant with their medication. Prescription assistance is part of chronic care management and it gives peace of mind to providers as they know that their patients are being compliant and also get assistance with refills and even discounts, when applicable. Prescription reviews is conducted for CCM patients every month assist in assuring the patient is keeping up with medications and are on track with their healthcare plan for routine diagnostic testing.

Scheduling Assistance

This is another CCM service that benefits patients as they often tend to miss their appointments or forget to schedule them entirely. With this service, practices can ensure that a patient is making their appointments and also showing up for them. This boosts the frequency and quality of personal care and also enables the provider to maximize their revenue through reimbursements.

Community Engagement

This is one major benefit of chronic care management but often goes unnoticed. It enhances engagement within the health community because patients can utilize community-based health programs for healthcare guidance. These programs can give them access to a local and community-based exercise classes/groups and/or gyms who offer additional guidance. Patients can have access to greater healthcare knowledge and they don’t need to wait for an in office doctor appointment to get their chronic conditions concerns and questions answered.

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