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The primary aim of healthcare, in simplest of terms, is to enable people to live their best lives.

Despite all efforts, the constraints of access and availability are still there. Telehealth envisions a community where such healthcare gaps could be bridged with remote solutions. This is why the Telehealth solutions are quickly making their way into the healthcare facilities and patients homes. The benefits of such solutions are not confined only to the providers with additional patient base and revenue. Patients also demand better access to healthcare and payers want to reduce costly ER, Urgent Care, and Hospital admissions. Both patients and payers relish its benefits alike, Telehealth is the future of healthcare.

| It is a common understanding of today that technological advancements have revolutionized our lives and Telehealth mirrors the same in the healthcare sector.

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring help create a bridge for patients to have better outcomes.

Can you imagine how inconvenient it is for someone with a disability to visit the hospital for the tiniest of matters? This can now easily be preventive with the use of Telehealth solutions as it serves to improve access to quality healthcare. With Telehealth solutions, you get an opportunity to take your health seriously.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Lifestyle changes are essential for patients suffering from a chronic disease. Unfortunately, patients have a natural proclivity for failure in complying with lifestyle changes without supervision. With Telehealth solutions, the regular supervision and follow-up of patients in this regard is made efficient, affordable, and time effective. Chronic Care Management Solutions are most useful for people suffering from chronic conditions such as:

● Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia

● Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid)

● Asthma

● Atrial fibrillation

● Autism spectrum disorders

● Cancer

● Cardiovascular Disease

● Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

● Depression

● Diabetes

● Hypertension

● Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS

| With Telehealth solutions, the regular supervision and follow-up of the patients in this regard is made efficient, affordable, and time effective.

More often than not, rural localities are deprived of advanced healthcare facilities or specialists. The ease of access has further prominence for patients who are located in a rural area or suffering from a chronic medical condition. On the other hand, patients with a chronic condition sometimes have additional limitations in terms of traveling. It is either painfully uncomfortable for them to travel long distances to see their doctors or are limited by their disability. Telehealth solutions, however, ensure that their condition doesn’t worsen due to a lack of access to proper healthcare. Patients can conveniently stay in contact with their providers while saving on uncomfortable travel experiences in the meantime.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

It is not uncommon for the patients of a chronic condition to experience a novel symptom every now and then. Such a symptom can either be an indication that their condition is getting worse and require immediate action or it may as well be a sign of a new chronic condition knocking at their door. Unfortunately, patients tend to ignore such symptoms which may aggravate over time, especially when the healthcare is not readily available.

Thanks to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solutions, it is now convenient for the physicians to follow-up with their patients and supervise the adherence to the treatment plans. This goes a long way in minimizing the risk of disease recurrence and making an informed decision about the need for hospital admission for patients. With access to patient’s readings at all times, RPM serves to eliminate the risk of misdiagnosis.

| Thanks to the Telehealth Solutions, patients no longer have to take health risks and can consult their doctors as soon as the symptoms appear, right from the comfort of their home.

With immediate action, further aggravation of the condition is prevented that is likely to significantly reduce the instance of hospital re-admissions. Hospital re-admissions are the most expensive component for the healthcare facilities. By reducing the probability of older patients being readmitted to the hospitals, TeleHealth Solutions improves the capacity of a healthcare facility to cater to more patients.

Telehealth Solutions assist in educating the patients, providing them the relevant information, and letting them have a better understanding of their condition. TeleHealth Solutions provides a platform for healthcare professionals to share the informational resources and keep the patients motivated to stick with the devised intervention to experience the best possible quality of life. At Receivable Management Solutions, we take pride in ensuring that everyone gets to practice their right to quality healthcare with our state of the art Telehealth Solution.

| With years of research and effort, we have carefully designed a patient-centered model of care that connects the patients, providers, and caregivers via a mobile platform.

Our Telehealth platform is beneficial for the patients as it ensures optimal care that promotes a healthier and safer life for them. It is aimed at improving access to quality care for effective chronic care management via asynchronous remote patient monitoring that provides real-time data. While doctors get job satisfaction knowing that patient care is not being compromised, they also get to relish an additional source of revenue as well. Providers further find it convenient to plan the treatment regime for the patient and activities for the caregiver on a day to day basis.

Our services are acceptable for the payers as well as it streamlines the billing process for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management. Our focus has always been on designing a comprehensive model that is acceptable for all stakeholders of the healthcare industry. So, what are you waiting for? Let's CoSource and get hands-on experience of the aforementioned benefits. We're here to assist in implementation, oversight, and ongoing support for you and the communities served.

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